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What To Do When Your Account Gets Hacked.

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Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
May 10, 2018


What To Do When Your Account Gets Hacked.

Never underestimate the value of maintaining a vigilant security status when it comes to your account.

Getting hacked can be quiet scary when you don’t know what to do.  Knowing which steps to take following a hacking incident can make all the difference. Take back the power and turn the tide on being a victim by following these steps.

Scan your computer for any malware or viruses.

Run an extensive scan for any malware on your computer. An initial scan may miss trojans and unwanted applications. It is essential to identify and remove any malware before changing your passwords. By changing your password, you ensure that you do not merely perpetuate your cycle of vulnerability.

Change your password.

If you lose access to an account, you may need to contact your service provider directly to gain access to your account once more. Create a password that does not have any similarities to your previous one. Your password should contain no discernable patterns. Having a password that makes use of personal details such your name and birthday is ill-advised. It is advisable that you change your password regularly as part of a routine password security maintenance.

When your account is compromised, let people know.

This is in order to protect your friends and their accounts. It is possible that once your account has been compromised a hacker will be able to send out malware via email to your contacts. Furthermore, some hackers access your account to get money from your friends and family in your name. It is important to remember that you are not the only one at risk when your account is compromised.

Change your security procedures.

Employ multi-factor authentication methods to access your accounts. From online banking to your Gmail, you can link your account sign-in to your phone. Multi-factor methods ensure a hacker can only get into your account if they have access to your phone as well as your password. Two-phase verification is much more secure than password only access.

Deauthorize the Apps which have access to your account.

A lot of apps such as Facebook and Instagram link to your email. This means that hackers can gain access to your other accounts via your email. If your account has is compromised it would be best to deauthorise these permission settings. It may be a hassle, but it is better than allowing someone to have unauthorised access to your accounts.

Check to see which devices or IP addresses have access to your account.

You can manage the devices which have access to your account. You can check for this under your security settings. It may be that you have logged onto your account from a public device such as a computer in an internet cafe. If you did not log out of your account correctly, you have left yourself vulnerable to security breaches. You can remedy this by removing the devices access to your account under your security management tab.

By following the tips outlined in this article, you will be sure to increase your account security and peace of mind. Knowing what steps to take in the event of a security breach empowers you to act quickly. Share these tips with your friends. Like and comment on our post. Do you have any security tips you can suggest?

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