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Sonic Wireless Client Testimonial – Entrepreneur Lee Balsdon

Sonic Wireless / Testimonials

Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
July 11, 2017


Sonic Wireless Client Testimonial – Entrepreneur Lee Balsdon

When I moved to the new Sunningdale in Cape Town, I was immediately perplexed to find that there was no infrastructure from my previous provider, and there didn’t plan to be any for at least a few years. Having run my own business from home through ADSL, I was very hesitant to try a new provider and technology.

After speaking to Jade, she answered all my questions and addressed every single concern I had. She helped me pick the perfect package, with scope to grow, and even booked the site survey in no time at all. Within the next week, I had the survey done, hardware installed and was up and running at full speed.

I have had 2 issues in the past 6 months where my speed was slightly slower than usual. A quick phone call, with a very knowledgeable and pleasant technician (sorry, I can’t remember who they were), had the issue resolved in minutes (not hours or even days like other providers I was used to).

My speeds are consistently amazing! Even a touch more than what I am paying for (thanks!).

Even with the harsh Cape Town Weather recently, we were completely unaffected.

Anytime I interact with the staff from Sonic, It is a pleasant and fruitful experience. Everybody knows what they are doing, and very well at that.

I have been recommending Sonic to all my friends and family, and have not heard any complaints as yet.

My next goal is to upgrade to the next speed bump up in the packages…so watch this space for more feedback.

Lee Balsdon.

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