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6 Things To Consider When Choosing An ISP – If You Work From Home


Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
August 18, 2017


6 Things To Consider When Choosing An ISP – If You Work From Home

Business operations determine that we need to reduce costs and maximize returns.   At a glance, choosing a residential grade bandwidth option can be all enticing from a pricing point.

In the often cut-throat, highly competitive business landscape, business productivity and the success are directly linked to the quality and reliability of the Internet connection utilized by the respective organization.  A better internet connection provides organizations with the competitive edge to thrive in the market.

Unexpected and unplanned for downtime can put a stop in productivity, escalating costs and slowing your production down to a crawl.

So what do business grade bandwidth offer that isn’t included in residential bandwidth options?

  1. Uptime guarantee

Business grade bandwidth offers a guarantee on the minimum uptime you can expect in %.   This allows you to also forecast potential losses due to any potential internet downtime and make smart choices in terms of redundancy should things go awry.

  1. Service Level Agreement

Business grade bandwidth options include an SLA which includes support response times.  The support team provides priority support to business customers with an SLA, ensuring that you get helped as a priority should you experience any problems.  Naturally as one can expect it also ensures that the issue at hand is resolved timeously.

  1. Higher upload capacities

Organizations typically transmit significantly higher amounts of data, especially as many take advantage of cloud-based services to give them the competitive advantage.  With higher upload capacity not can more information be sent over the internet, it directly impacts the smoothness and responsiveness of any data that needs to be downloaded.   The quicker you can send a request for more information, the faster you can retrieve it which directly impacts employee productivity.

  1. Completely uncapped data usage

Nothing can be more crippling to a business that reaches a fair usage policy share which is subsequently slowed down to a crawl by the ISP.   Fortunately, business grade bandwidth is completely uncapped and not slowed down as a result of over usage.   The other advantage offered by a completely uncapped solution is scalability and fixed cost per month.

  1. Fixed IP addresses

Business grade packages also include a number of fixed IP addresses which can be utilized for key businesses network-related services such as VPN connectivity, CCTV and VOIP

  1. The extra mile

Businesses expand. In cases where the office is setup outside an area where the ISP has coverage, you can expect that the extra mile is taken in getting connectivity in a timely fashion, especially from Sonic.

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