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Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
May 16, 2018


Experience VR the affordable way.

Gaming / Internet / Technology

It’s cheap. It’s affordable, and it’s a fun way to experience VR.

In 2014, Google launched Google cardboard to bring virtual reality to the proletariat. It costs less than R200 for you to get your hands on one of these bad boys. There are local suppliers in South Africa. You can even get them Star Wars themed! It doesn’t get any cooler than that. This article will walk you through some of the coolest apps and games you can explore with your Google cardboard device.

You can create 360-degree videos.

Your cell phone camera can be used to create VR photographs. Google has a unique photo propriety app which will collate photos together for a 360 experience.You are even able to  record audio from the scenes that you are shooting. You can choose to share these creations with your friends to be viewed through their own google cardboard devices. Google Cardboard goes above and beyond the standard flat screen. Apps such as the Cardboard Design Lab take it one step further and will teach users the silvers of creating VR experiences. Turn your head in all directions and submerge into an entirely different landscape. These videos are freely available on youtube. There is so much content to choose from and explore.

Virtual reality cardboard glasses. Easy way to watch movies and play games in 3D

Get your news in another dimension.

The New York Times has a VR app and once a month produces virtual reality content. Currently New York Times is the only media house that  includes VR content. So if you love getting the news try this exciting interactive medium.

There are Virtual Reality Games.

You can explore games like Insidious three and fall out of the Sky in Caaaaardboard.

Browse Google street view through the app Orbulus which zooms in on destinations in real life. You can experience real-life scenes of the Antarctic. You can go anywhere in the world. Let your imagination run wild. You can finally see what the pyramids of Giza look like in person. Google Street View will send you there. It doesn’t end there. An app called VR cinema on the app store allows you to watch your stored videos on a split screen. Finding Nemo just got a whole lot cooler. Don’t forget to check out the best source for virtual reality content, VRSE. It assembles the best VR content from many different sources including music videos, short films and much more.

So what are waiting for? Explore the world and let the internet and Google Cardboard take you beyond. If you enjoyed our article, share it with your friends. For any queries email us at or contact 021 201 0220. Follow us on Facebook to see our latest deals and promotion

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