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About Us

We are an Internet Service Provider focused on delivering affordable,
high-speed Internet solutions for commercial and residential clients.

Sonic Telecoms officially registered as a company in 2010 and was composed of only three staff members at the time. Our founder James Wilkinson created Sonic Telecoms with a vision to connect people and provide them with quality internet service. At first, it was connecting family and friends. In less than a decade we have grown to a company providing employment to over 90 staff with over 5000 current clients throughout the Western Cape. Sonic Telecoms has grown at a phenomenal rate from its humble beginnings. Through our commitment and passion to creating a quality product, we have built more than 150 high sites and provide internet access via on the leading open access fibre network providers. Sonic Telecoms has recently become wholly owned by Herotel, now our parent company, whose clientele base reaches 46 000 customers on a national level.

Our Values



We commit to facing the future free of arrogance, recognising that we will lead through humility, conducting ourselves with a quiet confidence, showing a deep respect for our community, and recognising that our success is the cumulative effort of our team members and those who support them.



We act with courage under challenging circumstances, delivering the best in
everything that we do. We accept responsibility for our actions and always make choices founded in evidence and good judgement. We keep the customer in the forefront of our consideration when making any decisions.



We recognise that the foundation to fruitful teamwork is trust. We seek this through remaining honest and consistently doing the right thing for our
partners, our customers, our employees and society, even when no-one is watching. We are transparent in our intentions and candid in our communication.

”Excellent service is such a rarity, and my experience with Sonic Telecoms was so pleasant that I had to share it. I need internet in my life for my work and entertainment. I love using the internet to search for things online. What stood out for me about Sonic Telecoms was that they understood my needs and were able to tailor a package to my requirements. Sonic Telecoms has met every one of my needs. The speed and quality of the internet are to my satisfaction. I found the sales people at Sonic Telecoms to be helpful, friendly and always available. Installation took place in a timely and professional manner.“

Marius Doubell,
Sonic Telecoms Client.

Sonic Telecoms sponsored the ICAN centre in Elsies River and provided internet access for students. Llewellyn had this to say about the impact that Sonic Telecoms had on these learners lives.

“Based on our research on internet service providers we discovered that Sonic Telecoms is one of the best wireless internet service providers.  Sonic Telecoms was able to supply the ICAN centre with affordable internet access. Some of the positive results that we have seen since using Sonic Telecoms include a fast and reliable internet service with virtually no downtime. They provide an excellent service with friendly staff. The best thing about Sonic’s service is their responsive technical support, whenever we face challenges they give us high-quality service.”

Mr Llewellyn Scholtz,
ICAN centre Manager

“From the first moment of contact that I had with the Sonic Telecoms consultants, the service has been superb, efficient and professional. I have previous experience with two other wireless providers which supplied me with poor service and unreliable signal. Now that I am part of Sonic Telecoms they ensure that they meet my needs. The internet speeds are to my satisfaction. I need internet from Sonic Telecoms in my life so that I can work from home. It also helps cut my costs as I feel that DSTV is overpriced. I can use the internet for work and streaming. During the installation experience, I found the Tech team to be good-natured, they worked neatly and catered to my needs as a customer. “

Grant Pederson, 

Sonic Telecoms Client.

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This site makes use of cookies.