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8 Podcasts to Listen to in 2018.


Jessie Clarke-Mcleod
June 12, 2018


8 Podcasts to Listen to in 2018.

Podcasts feel like a radio show but so much cooler.

The popularity of these shows has revitalised the medium to some extent. With fantastic sound design and incredibly exciting topics the internet and the ability to stream these shows has led to the creation of some remarkable entertainment. This article will provide you with a list of very different podcasts to explore. Click on the images and follow the link to hear samples of the episodes. Without out further ado let us present our favourite podcasts for 2018! We hope you enjoy our selection.

  1. Under the skin with Russell Brand.

This podcast is somewhat intellectual. Russell brand debates on topics of philosophy, politics and history. The podcast is very political and refers to real-world events. The blog topic is eclectic in its subject matter everything from race, religion and gender is covered. The podcast reads more like a conversation and does not seem to be particularly well scripted. The host and his guests often run off on tangents on related subjects, but it makes for a very natural flowing conversation. Russell Brand is hilarious and contributes meaningfully to discussions.  

7). Nancy

This podcast explores the lived realities of the LGBTQ community. It is light-hearted at times but also manages to hone in on the more pressing challenges that the queer community experiences. The podcast does not shy away from uncomfortable questions or confrontations. The hosts Tobin Louw and Kathy Tu ask important questions like, “ How can you be Gay and a Republican?” as well as, “Why is Dumbledore retrospectively referred to as Gay by J.K Rowling”. These questions are thought-provoking and invite a lot of self-reflection regardless of your sexual orientation.

  1. Say Why to Drugs.

Psychologist Dr Suzi Gage investigates the links between substance use and mental health. This podcast explores substances from a unique and objective perspective. This podcast explores questions such as,”What are the potentially harmful side effects of cannabis?”. Or “Could MDMA be used in PTSD treatment?”. This podcast provides information about the scientific evidence surrounding recreational drugs. Suzi and her associates do not shy away from delving into this taboo topic.

  1. Stuff you missed in history class.

This show focuses on exciting periods or persons in time. It provides a holistic approach towards historical figures and events. A lot of the time it is difficult to find objective accounts in history. We have to question who recorded the past and whether the individuals who collate a history on a particular topic did so objectively. This show is excellent because the co-host Tracy V. Wilson with a humanities degree is well equipped to investigate the various issues with a researchers eye. This podcast dives into the different periods and immerses the listener in the realities of the time.

  1. Radio Lab.

This blog series focuses on discussing interesting scientific insights. The podcasts weave this into a human element so that you can invest in these stories. Radio lab has a stunning sound design. It makes it easy to listen to the podcast for an extended period because it’s so dynamic that you don’t get bored. Every episode is unique and has an interesting perspective on real-world occurrences. The show is also somewhat philosophical. Overall the concepts and topics are highly engaging and relevant.

  1. Binge Mode: Game of Thrones.

A game of thrones fanboy paradise. This series goes through all 60 G.O.T episodes in depth. The hosts Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion discuss the history, characters and themes present in the show. Binge Mode is filled with spoilers so we would recommend watching the series before you listen to the podcast. However, for the enthusiast, this is the best platform to get into the in’s and out’s of each episode. Plus the presenters are hilarious.

  1. Serial

The podcast that nabs the number 2 spot on our list is “Serial’’. This crime investigation series is engrossing. This series explores the murder of  Hae Min Lee, a high school senior at Woodlawn High. The series probes at the conviction sentence handed down to Adnan Syed, Min Lee’s former boyfriend. This podcasts investigations into the murder led to Adnan Syed successfully being awarded a retrial. The lack of physical evidence, the autopsy and a potential alternative suspect all leaned in favour of Adnan’s retrial. Adnan who received a life sentence at 18 is well into his 30’s. This podcast is worth the listen in virtue of the fact that it impacted on the life of the people it chronicles. The podcast set the chain of events in motion that resulted in a retrial for Adnan.

  1. S.Town.

The same producers who made “Serial” created this podcast. This podcast has been one of the most record breaking achieving 10 million downloads within the first four days of its release. John B. McLemore sent show producers an email asking them to investigate the alleged murder in his hometown of Woodstock, Alabama. The podcast has been called into question for its investigation which has been dubbed as highly invasive.

That concludes our top podcasts to check out in 2018. Our list has something for everyone so we know we’ve left you with a couple of new favourites. If you enjoyed our article please share it with your friends. Let us know about your favourite podcasts in the comments below.

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